The origin of TURAS CONSTRUCTION is Meka Yapı, founded by Civil Engineer Mehmet Koray Akalın in Antalya/Turkey in 1996. After signing many important construction projects in Turkey with the name Meka Yapı until 2009, it has turned towards Central Asian countries with engineering, manufacturing, procurement and construction-based projects under the name of TURAS. TURAS ,whose headquarters is in Antalya, has established it's Istanbul / Turkey and Dushanbe / Tajikistan branch as of 2009, GBAO-Khorog / Tajikistan branch as of 2015 an Tashkent / Uzbekistan as  of 2018 and  Kiev/ Ukraine as of 2019. Our company, which was opened in 2020 under the name of "Turas Europe" in the European Union Countrys, established its first branch in Prag/Czech Republic. We have carried out many projects, including turn-key projects, without compromising our vision and mission, using the appropriate technology and innovations, always one step ahead.



  • HONESTY : The basic principle in our relations with all our employees and partners 
  • QUALITY : The quality policy of our company aims for perfection at every level, under any condition. it encourages all employees, from lower levels to top management levels, and its partners to add value to what they do. working with professionals in compatibility with national and international standards underpins our policy. 
  • RESPONSIBILITY : Fulfilling our obligations in legal terms towards our customers, employees, suppliers, business partners and the name ‘türas’, with ultimate care 
  • TRUST AND EQUALITY : Our policy is to realize and finalize the expectations of related parties and customers to the maximum level within the legal framework, including mutual trust and equality principles. what we have done is a reference for what we will do. 
  • PROJECT MANAGEMENT : Not holding back and taking the initiative to carry our business one step further as well as success- and result-focused thinking with creative solutions, despite all difficulties, are basic principles of our company. 
  • RESPECT : Knowing that our success is due to the efforts of each one of us 
  • CUSTOMER SATISFACTION; To act in accordance with awareness and accessibility principles that meet the needs and requirements of our customers, at the shortest notice with a proactive understanding 
  • OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH SAFETY AND ENVIRONMENTAL POLICY : To adopt occupational health safety as a natural part of ourbusiness,fulfillingalllegalandindividualobligationsrelated to the environment while we carry out our activities.